sreda, 13. januar 2016

Farm birthday cake

My first birthday cake

This year I decided to make a cake for my sons birthday. Because he loves everything about farm, animals, I made him a farm cake. I went to the store to buy animals from marzipan, but I came home empty handed. So I decided to do those figures by myself. I bought marzipan (beige colour) and fondant mass (red, blue, green, black) and create farm animals. I made marcipan/fondant pig, cow, ducks, sheep, little ladybird.

For decoration of the whole cake I made different roses. I used plastic mould for the roses. It's great and very easy to use.
The dough of the cake: that's the recepie for the dough: http://www.kulinarika.net/recepti/5814/sladice/biskvit-za-torto-ki-nikoli-ne-pade-dol/

To translate, we need:
5 eggs
25 dag sugar
25 dag flour
1 baking powder
1 dl water
1 dl oil

Whippe egg yolks and sugar, add water and oil and then flour with baking powder. At the end add egg whites (whipped). Bake 35 to 40 min at 180 °C. My cake was very big, so I made the dough from 3 quntaties.

For the filling: strawberries (I used strawberries from compot, because I didn't get fresh ones), bananas and creame: vanilla pudding and sweet cream.

I decided to make a grass on the top of the cake. I tried this recepie for homemade fodant. I wasn't so happy about it, because it easily melted  http://www.kulinarika.net/recepti/12042/sladice/ponarejena-ticina-masa/

Translation of the recepie for homemade fondant:
20 dag powdered sugar
20 dag milk powder
1 teaspoon oil
some cold water
food colour

The cake was a pretty big challenge, but I think I made it good.
Have fun and see you soon.