sobota, 03. september 2016

Our project: Indian runner ducks

Our project: Indian runner ducks

This is our project from this year. We decided to have very interesting pet. And that's indian runners. Indian runners are special breed of domestic ducks. They stand straight like penguins and they run.They also lay eggs. Some people have those animals instead of dogs ;). They are also very smart.
We decided to do the house for the duck from pallets. We watch some videos on youtube and make a great little house.

 Picture 1: This is the house made from pallets, it's also isolated.

 Picture 2: Around the house we used the net to keep them safe.

 Picture 3: This is a smal pool for the ducks. For the indian runners it's enough to have water in a  container. They have to wash their heads. They actually don't need water to swim like other ducks.

 Picture 4: Those are about 1,5 old indian runner ducks. It takes them some time to get real feathers.

Picture 5: Here are about 4 month old. They are pretty big. On the picture there are three male indian runners (on the right) and one female (left).

Indian runner ducks are great and really interesting to watch. We have them in our whole garden. They can walk anywhere they want. They are really good for bugs, snails and they don't eat vegetable from garden. 

We actually wanted a dog, but for the dog you need time. This is a great alternative if you want a pet, but don't have a lot of time (job, small children,...).

petek, 26. avgust 2016

Candle projects

DIY Candle projects

I saw some great ideas for candle projects and I'd like to share it with you.

Candle in a glass:

One more idea how to create romantic athmosphere:

Here is one more idea for your garden:

I hope you like my suggestions. I just googled a little and had to share those ideas. I just love it. 
Have fun and see you soon.


sreda, 13. januar 2016

Farm birthday cake

My first birthday cake

This year I decided to make a cake for my sons birthday. Because he loves everything about farm, animals, I made him a farm cake. I went to the store to buy animals from marzipan, but I came home empty handed. So I decided to do those figures by myself. I bought marzipan (beige colour) and fondant mass (red, blue, green, black) and create farm animals. I made marcipan/fondant pig, cow, ducks, sheep, little ladybird.

For decoration of the whole cake I made different roses. I used plastic mould for the roses. It's great and very easy to use.
The dough of the cake: that's the recepie for the dough: http://www.kulinarika.net/recepti/5814/sladice/biskvit-za-torto-ki-nikoli-ne-pade-dol/

To translate, we need:
5 eggs
25 dag sugar
25 dag flour
1 baking powder
1 dl water
1 dl oil

Whippe egg yolks and sugar, add water and oil and then flour with baking powder. At the end add egg whites (whipped). Bake 35 to 40 min at 180 °C. My cake was very big, so I made the dough from 3 quntaties.

For the filling: strawberries (I used strawberries from compot, because I didn't get fresh ones), bananas and creame: vanilla pudding and sweet cream.

I decided to make a grass on the top of the cake. I tried this recepie for homemade fodant. I wasn't so happy about it, because it easily melted  http://www.kulinarika.net/recepti/12042/sladice/ponarejena-ticina-masa/

Translation of the recepie for homemade fondant:
20 dag powdered sugar
20 dag milk powder
1 teaspoon oil
some cold water
food colour

The cake was a pretty big challenge, but I think I made it good.
Have fun and see you soon.