nedelja, 12. junij 2011

Delicious elder and lemon balm syrup

This year I decided to make elder syrup and lemon balm syrup. I found elder in the forest in near our village. And the lemon balm in our garden. I soaked lemon balm and elder(flowers) in water for about one day. Then I strained, added sugar and cook for a little time. At the end I added citric acid. Then I poured syrup in the bottles. I also sterilised the bottles with syrup in the oven. An that's it. It's very easy and the syrup is delicious and refreshing especially in hot summer days. 

Elder syrup
In 4 liters of water soak 40 elder flowers(more if you want more intensive taste), lemon(sliced) and orange(sliced). After 24 hours strain. Then you add 4 kg of sugar and then cook until boil. After that you add 9 dag citric acid to syrup. Then pour the syrup in the bottles. At the end sterilize bottles with syrup in the oven. 

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